Navicorp Opinion: Why teenagers shouldn’t be in romantic relationships


    Last night I was listening to a radio program about love and sex and a 16 year old girl called in. She complained about how her romantic relationship with a boy of 18 years was not working and how she was confused. She said the boy in question has a female bestie but the female bestie told her in confidence that they were dating. When she confronted her boyfriend (the 18 year old boy),he denied it. Obviously!  

    So I wondered. Why would a 16 year old girl who is still getting to know the wonders of puberty put herself in a heart renching situation that adults who have mastered the art of self control find difficult to survive?  Then I remembered.Their hormones are as active as those of the adults, sometimes even more active, sending mixed feelings that they hardly understand.

    These young lads have committed no offense. They are absolutely innocent. What they feel in their bodies is not of their making. But should they act on it? I think they need a lot of coaching and advice from their parents especially. 


    Teenage relationship is like the wind, nothing comes out of it. Someone once told me that as long as you’re between 15-19 ,you have no particular boyfriend or girlfriend. You just date around. Crazy!!!  To a large extent though that appears to be true.

    Teenage relationship is staying up late at night and barely staying awake the next day in class. It is passing each other between classes and stopping to say hi but ending up running to your next class right before the bell rings. It is going to the mall, wandering around hand in hand, with a silence that is beautiful. It is watching a movie in the cinema with his arm slowly creeping onto your shoulders, and you resting in his arms. It’s walking around at night for no reason at all, his chest, her head looking at the stars. It’s uncertainty of how long it will last, a risk you’re both willing to take, even if it means you’ll have a broken heart. It’s not yet true love, not like nor lust, not infatuation. It’s teenage love, unfortunately, here to stay, here to play with teenage hearts and never go away.

    Teenage love is like the wind, nothing comes out of it. Only heartbreaks, tears, regrets. It is filled with uncertainties and teenagers should flee from it.


    1. This is interesting. I agree to some extent. I think teenagers shouldn’t be in romantic relationships but they shouldn’t wait until they’re in their late twenties before they start dating. For me, they should date as soon as they can, probably from 19.