Nigerian Angle : Kanu gives Arteta pass mark


The Former Arsenal player is impressed with how Arteta has handled the team since taking over in December.

Arteta was given the job in July after Emery left his job on mutual consent.and the Ex Nigerian International is impressed.

“So far so good, I don’t think he is doing badly”.

“Everybody loves him and he is trying to organise the team and also impose his own system,”.

“It’s always difficult when a new manager comes in because you want them (the players) to follow you in whatever you want to do”.

“Sometimes some players might not understand what you are doing, and if you are lucky, everybody will be in the same direction”.

“If you look at the games they have played so far, there have been a lot of draws which I think is making the team steady and when he gets things rights, the results will come”.