‘Owambe Repeté’: The Best First in the city of Lagos


Heading towards the venue, it is only safe to say that the Owambe fire was very steadily lighting up ready to burn out on arrival. The tables were set, food ready and courtesy of Africa time, the guests were swooping in continuously; the big boys, beautiful ladies, media, the bouncers who didn’t fail to clearly identify their presence and ofcourse, the host, the greatest of his kind, Horlar of Lagos.

The event succeeded in bringing together a whole community of interning and professional media gurus as well as young and determined minds all under the umbrella of cultural lifestyle appreciation and the guests didn’t fail to concur.
From the amazing food to the music to the vibes, guests did confirm that in just his first attempt, Horlar has introduced something different and amazing in a big way.

Personallyspeaking, the host went beyond expectations, “An unforgettable jolly ride” one would say. If you were in the city of Lagos and missed this Saturday night, you should think about how to forgive yourself and set your calendar for ‘Owambe Repeté 2.0’. I don set already!!

Pictures Below: