Happy new year sweets,its owambe saturday today…..Yaaaayy, who is as excited as me..How has the new year been so far. Has anyone broken his/ her new year resolutions already…
Today being Saturday, we will be doing the owambe thinging..Yaaayyy!!
The thing I love about owambe either weddings, burial, naming whatever ceremony it is, is the party jollof rice. For some other people it’s the fact that they have to sew a new cloth. In fact people go out of their way in preparing for such ceremonies especially weddings and can cut a leg to get that expensive lace or Ankara material. Well I have not been rich enough to buy an expensive lace or Ankara for owambes.
If you are thinking of what Styles to sew, think no more. Yes, that’s right!! I am right here to make life easy. Here are some stunning pictures, be rest assured that when you rock any of your material this way you would definitely catch a bobo at any wedding you go for

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