Pay Attention to Results They Don’t Lie



The easiest, fastest, and bast way to find out what is or isn’t working is to pay attention to the results you are currently producing. You are reither rich or you are not. You either command respect or you don’t. You are either good with dealing with people or your not. You either maintain your ideal body weight or you are not. You are either happy or not you are not. You either have what you want or you don’t.
It’s that simple. Results don’t lie.






You have to give up the excuses and justifications and come to terms with the results you are producing. If you are not under quota or overweight, all the great reasons in the world won’t change that. The only thing that will change your results is to change your behavior.





Prospect more, change your diet, Change your sales presentation, consume fewer calories, and exercise more frequently. These are things that will make a difference. But you have to first be willing to look at the results you are producing.




So start paying attention to what is so. Look around at your life and the people in it. Are you and they happy? Is there balance, beauty, comfort, and ease? Are you getting what you want? Are your grades satisfactory? Are you healthy, fit and pain free? Are you getting better in all areas of your life? Is not than something needs to happen, and only you can make it happen.
Don’t kid. Be ruthlessly honest with yourself take your own inventory.