Pick Your Fave: Tekno’s “Mama” or Wizkid’s “Manya”


Tekno greeted us with a new sound “Mama” a few weeks ago, collaborating with Wizkid on it. Many critics have judged it to be short of what two powerhouses like Tekno and Wizkid can do.

Wizkid almost a week later dropped a song “Manya” with Mut4y, one half of Legendary Beatz. Critics say Wizkid must have been under an influence (most likely to be alcohol or drug) when he made that song.

These two songs are here with us and we’d like to know the one that works for you.

So Pick Your Fave: Tekno’s “Mama” or Wizkid’s “Manya”

Download the “Mama” and “Manya” below

Tekno – Mama ft. Wizkid

Wizkid x Mut4Y – Manya