Rafeal Nadal admits he is not ready to play against Roger Federer yet.


Both players are Veterans in the game and have never met in New York for a match, and after losing to the Swiss at the Australian Open, Indian Wells and Miami, Nadal would like to avoid Federer if possible!

“I prefer to play against another one,” Nadal said. “Is obvious, no?”

“The real thing, I prefer to play against another player, an easier one if it’s possible.


“I know you want to hear the other way, that I would love to play with him. No, of course I understand that gonna be great for our history. Is true that we played in all Grand Slam finals. We never played here and for sure this year we are not going to play in finals. Finals are more special than semifinals, in that case.

“But anyway, meeting him here in semifinals with Roger, if that happens that will be something great and amazing.”

Nadal is also fighting with Federer to hang on to his No. 1 ranking.