Reasons why I exercise my civic responsibilities


Reasons why I exercise my civic responsibilities.

Like we all know, Election day is one of the most sensitive period where the people have the power to choose who govern them for a period of time.

The nation comes together as one to elect a leader who will represent us on the global stage for the next four years, a leader that will stand for our rights as citizens, students, employees and employers.

These are few reasons why the electorate must come out to vote. Firstly, voting is your right; use it! Voting is the opportunity to contribute to the political process, and the system was created to work best when everyone participates.

Secondly, As a voter, the only way to share your opinion is on election day and answer questions like: Should the government help fund education? Your opinion must be heard.

The local elections matter too. We do have a presidential election every four years, but when you go
to the polls you will also be voting for your local

It is so interesting that voter turnout has a significant spike during the presidential election, which is a result of the extensive media coverage, but many citizens don’t realize that some of the most important decisions made in this election will be a result of who gets elected as Senators, Representatives, and local officials.