Rock of Salvation : Mourinho on Maguire.


Manchester United were on fire at Old Trafford yesterday as the team ran past young blues side in a game where former blues player,Lampard made his debut on the sidelines for Chelsea

Former Chelsea and United boss, Jose Mourinho spoke a lot about the game but showered praises on United’s new record-breaking defender Harry Maguire saying he was “solid like a rock” .

Maguire was named Man of the Match as United had to endure long spells of pressure from Chelsea.

“I think he fully deserved Man of the Match,” Mourinho said on Sky Sports. “I think he was solid like a rock and as we know it is very important for a team to have that.

“Not just the tactical knowledge but that personality, that sense of reading the game, being alert all the time, the confidence to play. He was fantastic, absolutely deserved.

“A team can be very dangerous in attack but if you feel that a defensive mistake is just around the corner, you don’t play as well.

“When you can feel that there is something that really allows you to play, you are much more confident. [Victor] Lindelof can be a very good player and with Maguire I think they can be a very good couple.”

However, with United selling forward Romelu Lukaku to Inter and not replacing him before the transfer window closed, Mourinho thinks they will have more problems against teams who are less open than Chelsea.

“United will find it much more difficult to play against teams with compact blocks,” he said.