Ronke Raji Gets New Look


The Nigerian-American beauty influencer, Ronke Raji embraces a new look.

She shares photos on her social media platform to display her beautiful new appearance.

The enterpreneur and motivational speaker vlogs on beauty and lifestyle and is married with two children.


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Summer of ’20 The time that everything changed and nothing was ever the same again. We’ve been acclimated to thinking that change is bad or there is a wrong or a right way to do things. Change is relative, what may be your reality is shaped by your experiences and if you dare to breakaway from all what you had known as true and live in a new light, all that you want will find it’s way to you. You have to be true to yourself deep down who are you, don’t lie don’t question, just be still. Are you making choices that show who you really are and going after things you really want or are you letting life control your construct? Take your power back, build your own throne and stand tall. No-one can compare the fire that has always been inside of you. You in your own uniqueness is enough. Dance to the sound of your own music 🌿

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