Sarri set to rest players for Champions League sake


Mauricio Sarri says he needs to rest few players against Champions League tie to Lyon.

Juventus are already Champions of the Italian Serie A, and Sarri deems it fit rest some star players.

“We’ll assess [who will play], depending on who needs to rest and who is fit to play. Between tomorrow [Saturday] and next Friday there will be a big difference in terms of mentality. We’ll need to be good at recovering all energies possible. Tomorrow, whoever is fit will play and we’ll try to make it a day of celebration. I can see two light-hearted teams tomorrow evening, with clear heads: a beautiful game can come out of it. Let’s see how Cristiano feels, he’s one of the players that played the most in the entire season. With regards to Aaron Ramsey, he might be back with the team today and there are good possibilities that he plays in the Champions League. [Paulo] Dybala is with the medical staff, everything is proceeding well, but I don’t know when he’ll be back with the group”.