Schmeichel hails Solskjaer’s rigid coaching style


The Former Goalie is impressed with how well his former teammate has transformed Manchester United.

Schmiechel is happy the Norwegian was bold enough to allow some established players leave, as he opted for young and hungry players.

“He is on record for saying this a long, long time, since Ole came, that his most important job is not really to sign players, it’s to get rid of players. There’s a few players in the squad that we absolutely do not want there. They’re not there to play for the badge. They’re there to create a profile for themselves. I was reading about one player trying to make themself a brand like Beckham which is shocking really. But there are players there that do not belong in the dressing room. And I think Ole has done really well in kind of sifting them out of the picture really, so we only get reminded that they’re there in a chat like this, or reading about the squad. I think he’s done an amazing job”.