Seedorf speaks in defence of Black skinned managers


Clarence Seedorf says he will like to see more Black managers in top football leagues.

“I played 12 years in Italy after [coaching] Milan, despite having done a great job, I received no calls. Holland is my country, yet again. What are the selection criteria? Why do great champions have no chance in Europe where they wrote pages of football history? Why does Vieira have to go to New York and Henry to Canada? [Patrick Vieira managed New York City FC between 2016-18 while Thierry Henry is manager of MLS side Montreal]. For coaches there are no equal opportunities: if we look at the figures, there are no Black people in the positions of greatest power in football. It’s something that concerns the whole of society. Everyone, especially those who can change things, must feel the responsibility to create a meritocratic world and keep all the doors open if they aspire to excellence. The best results can come from diversity” Seedorf said.