Simi celebrates her birthday in Grand style


Simi, a talented singer who has endeared so many people to her heart with her unmatched lyrics isn’t one singer to shove aside. Simi has remained relevant in the Nigeria music scene from the very first day she ventured into it to this moment.

From her sonorous voice to her tremendous rendition even down to her videos, this awesome singer sure looks like she’s in this for life. It’s no news that Simi turned 30 on the 19th of April.
With a body of a 16 year old, one can tell that this budding talent is not your regular 30 year old lady.

For her birthday, simi went for a photoshoot and engaged the service of professional photographer Lex ash. This birthday shoot was nothing short of standard. It captured the very essence of simi showing her soft side in a very bold manner. Simi looked all shades of gorgeous in this shoot