Single living: Charles NYSC experience.


Former NYSC shares his experience during service.




My name is Charles, but popularly know as Mr sheriff.
I grew up in the western part of Nigeria not fully exposed to the society because of the kind of family I had, my parents never allowed any of us the children to mix up with others in the street.



At the age of 18 I got an admission in to one of the best university to study computer engineering, I graduated and did my NYSC at Ndoni Rivers State and that is where my social life started.



We where given an apartment in the community along side other corps that were posted to that same village, but I not being use to mixing with people outside my home find it very challenging to cope with the new found life.



I thought I could be on my own and don’t need any one to make my stay comfortable. But that came with a whole new set of challenges that I have to get use to, I stayed on my own for 3 months without any help or mixing with other corp members it was fine for me but must admit wasn’t fun at all.



After three months of staying alone I decided to try something new something I never thought I would find myself doing “mixing up with others” at first i was not too comfortable with it but I had fun getting to interact with new characters.


And so it continued till I completed my NYSC service not just as a computer scientist but also a social anthropology.