Smoothies: A Load Of Nourishment


Smoothie is a drink made from blended raw fruits or vegetables. A smoothie often has a liquid base such as fruit juice or water and sometimes dairy products like yogurt.

Smoothies that includes vegetables are regarded to be healthier than milkshakes and is best marketed to health conscious people. Smoothies contain dietary fiber such as pulp, seeds and so have similar consistency with milkshake but is thicker than a regular fruit juice.

Smoothies include multiple servings of fruits and vegetables which is highly recommended for a healthy diet and intended to serve as meal replacement.

Smoothies are packed with enough protein along side other nutrients which subdue food craving and prevent you from eating junk food. Asides craving control, smoothies contain essential vitamins and minerals to aid digestion process.

Starting your day with smoothies will not only cheer up your senses but also pave way for good health as it leaves the body hydrated.