Songs of Praise : Mourinho praise Alderweireld despite own goal


Jose Mourinho was full of praise for the Belgian, as he stood tall to get an equalizer after scoring an own goal earlier.

“In a funny way I’d say he’s scored three goals,”.

“The own goal, his goal and then when he loses the duel with Engels. But he scored with a shot of his life with a new baby this week”.

“The last week has been unbelievable for me with the birth of my son but I haven’t slept I had to travel eight hours yesterday and then I made a mistake which was hard to deal with but I was happy to help the team with the goal,”.

“On pure chances, we had more open chances than them. We could have got the game finished a lot earlier. But getting a last-minute winner is not too bad”.

“It’s a big win for us because it’s a big week. We have the Champions League and then face Chelsea next weekend”.