Sports Channel Provider BeIN accuses TSTV of piracy


    A global sport and entertainment company, beIN has threatened legal actions against TSTV for piracy.

    There are ten beIN channels on the TSTV bouquet.

    According to a letter seen by Pulse, beIN is accusing TSTV for illegal pirating of its content.

    beIN accuses TSTV of piracy  beIN accuses TSTV of piracy

    (Princepherlar blog)

    But TSTV has denied the letter and described it as frivolous.

    In a series of tweets on its twitter handle @tstvafrica, the company urged Nigerians to disregard the letter as they were fake an an attempt to bias Nigerians even before it begins sales.

    Meanwhile, the federal government has granted TSTV a three-year tax free holiday.

    TSTV has been greeted with mixed reactions following the pay-tv company’s inability to begin transmission immediately it’s launch on Sunday, October 1, 2017.