Style Trend: Polka Dots and how to style this trend


Gone are the days when we associate polka dots with the Mickey Mouse character and one of those costume dresses we used to wear when we were much younger. Fashion is really evolving and if you have this sameness perception it then means that you also need to go with the trend.

Polka dots are the most versatile style trends and for every fashion show there is the polka dots trend gracing the runway. Off the runway every street style person, fashion enthusiast and style celebrities wear this trend like never before making us feel like this trend isn’t only for the runway but also for street style.

However there is a but, not knowing how to style this trend properly would leave you appearing costumey. If not properly worn this trend can make you look over the top. In view of this, here are some style tips to help you out.

Pair with one item: if it’s your first time trying this trend, go easy on the trend. Don’t do too much styling this trend for the first time. By this I mean pairing it with one colour (monochromatic piece). This way you play safe while avoiding too much attention

Wear minimal accessories: When you wear Polka dots, every other accessories shouldn’t be too loud and too much. Minimal accessories and neutral shoes would do the work for you.

Go Bold: if you are confident and brace every enough you can go overboard by mixing and matching your polka dots with any nice floral skirts, or same polka dots pants. You can turn your polka dots into a mix and match affair.

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