Sunday Vibe: Judge no Man, Hate no One


This headline is from a popular quote in the bible, where Jesus told his followers in Matthew’s account of the gospels, not to judge anyone so they won’t be judged.

But these days, Christ followers are not followers of his words/commandments.

For the past few days, the internet has been filled with image denting revelations of clergymen involved in one sex scandal or the other, but the command from Christ is to judge no man.


Here are few reasons why we shouldn’t judge anybody:

1. Nobody holy pass

Like the popular 2face’s line, nobody is holy.

No one is a saint, so why talk bad about someone’s mistake when you are not any better yourself.

2. What do you stand to gain when people fall/fail

There is no award or reward to witness or notice another man’s mistakes, so concentrate on better things.

3. We need Love

Without love a lot of people would see this flaw and take advantage of it.

4. When we fight each other, we become a laughing stock to the global community at large.