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Wednesday, October 23, 2019
“TBoss always played the victim in everything” – Bisola

“TBoss always played the victim in everything” – Bisola


According to Bisola, TBoss played the victim in everything. Efe added that the housemate got Nigerians to believe that she was being victimized by the other housemates, and it worked for her.

“Victimizing TBoss? I don’t think so. TBoss always played the victim in everything,” Bisola said.

“Efe is my guy. There are times we’ve had tackles and I’m like ‘Baba, which kind nonsense you dey do?” We could just say ‘oya, no vex,’ and it’s gone.”

“But, with TBoss, she always claimed to be sensitive, but, sometimes you just look at her and you’re like ‘what are you doing? Don’t be playing like you don’t know what you’re doing.’

She called me a bully, she called me aggressive, and she used my loud voice against me. I’m talking sometimes and I’m trying to make a point, and you say ‘oh, you’re loud.’ I’m like ‘yo, fam, I don’t say because you have long hair, you know…”

I don’t use certain things about you against you. You shouldn’t do that. Don’t judge me because my voice is loud, I’m only trying to make a point.

So, with TBoss, she overdid a lot of things. Like, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill, it’s not that serious!

“But, then again, there was a time we had a discussion and she told me about how she usually blows things out of proportion sometimes. And I’m like, it’s her. I tried as much as possible towards the end to avoid any confrontation with her.

Personally, I did think she blew things out of proportion. But, hey, she is who she is. She is an amazing person, a great cook, and she is super clean. She has really got her good sides.”

Joining the conversation, Efe said he doesn’t regret any of his confrontations with TBoss or conversations about her with other housemates.

“We were in the game and we were playing to the best of our abilities,” Efe said.

“In the sense of TBoss, her strategy was to play the victim and Nigerians see that we were victimizing her. She played it well and you see where it got her.”

“So, shout out to her for being smart about that. That’s why I said in the beginning, every person in that house is a smart person, extremely intelligent and wise. “

The 2017 Big Brother Naija show came to an end with Efe emerging the winner.


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