The Gospel Truth about 5G network


There have been lots of scary comments lately about the 5G network, set to be launched in Nigeria.

Earlier this week, a popular Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakilome said the idea is a sign of endtime, and can be linked to Corona Virus.


Scientists says the network can be very harmful to the human body. Because of it’s radiation.

But, the truth about all these is, other countries have already upgraded to the 5G network, and no story of deaths or catastrophe so far.

Every technology comes with it’s complications. Even the phones we use daily has it’s effect on mankind.

Television sets, Ovens and so on. But we should stop this attitude of being scared of the unknown.

Knowledge is power, and a particular knowledge about something is very essential.

Though, the 5G or 5th Generation network has it’s hazards, it is no way connected to corona virus because radiation don’t cause viruses.

Secondly, before we embraced other technologies like 3G, 4G, television sets, facebook and the likes, we were scared of it.

Many religious leaders spoke against it in their worship centers. Some said Television is the devil’s box, others adviced their members not to sign in on facebook.

The 5G Generation network is here to stay, we should just accept and live with it.