The Joyce Ikechi Foundation feeds over 600 less privileged people in Owerri and Onitsha


The Joyce Ikechi Foundation is a non-governmental, non profit, and non political organization. The foundation has been on the drawing board since 2017 but became a reality in August 2020. Founded by Joyce Ikechi, the foundation has a firm commitment to serve humanity and build a credible future for Africa by ensuring every  childless persons/people are provided with an atmosphere of serenity and total comfort, while the less privilege are been catered for.

Joyce Ikechi

What inspired the birth of the foundation?

The struggles the founder faced while growing up is the brain behind the establishment of this noble foundation.
As an average Nigerian born into a humble home, Joyce Ikechi faced financial struggles which led her to start working at an early age before she gained admission into the university. She worked as a sales rep and when she gained admission she began selling make-up materials and jeweleries while in the university to take care of herself and pay her bills in school. However, due to financial instability which deprived her of footing most of her school fees, she had no option than to drop out from school to look for means of survival and later got assistance from people she never knew through the help of Mazi Ifeanyi Nwaosu aka (ONYE IJE MEDIA). She used the funds raised to open a computer business center (cyber cafe) where she made a call to teach anyone who cares to learn computer skills. As the business grew, she went back and completed her studies. As she passed through all these challenges, she made up her mind, to support others and to make sure they don’t go through the same difficulties she faced while growing up.

Brief on previous outreaches the foundation has carried out.

The foundation carried out her first outreach on the 26th day of September 2020 and fed over 600 people in the streets of Owerri and Onitsha, that is, over 300 street beggers, Street hawkers and passerbys that asked for food each in Owerri and Onitsha.

What were the items
shared and the beneficiaries?

Cooked food, cartons of noodles and dozens of female sanitary pads.
Beneficiaries are beggers, street hawkers, passerbys and young girls in the street who accepted the sanitary pads with smiles on their faces.

Are there any plans to sustain the outreach?

Joyce Ikechi Foundation has sworn to continue dedicating it’s resources and time in making a difference in those particular sectors as we feel they are the most vulnerable in the society and shall constantly create conducive atmosphere for all less privileged children, the old childless people, community women, rendering free and adequate care and promoting talents. As a matter of fact we are committed to building a better future for Africans.

How does the foundation raise funds?

The founder of this prestigious foundation is a an iconic woman who has volunteered her resources to support whoever is in need. The founder’s finances/ resources has been sustaining this foundation including that of few good spirited volunteers who have risen to support this great course.

Are there any challenges?

In this kind of platform, challenges faced are always financial/resource.


Enlightening teenage boys and girls on how to handle love, relationship and marriage in order to have a fulfilled marriage life in the nearest future, and to create awareness on domestic violence and pit falls, to avoid and minimize the rate of divorce in our society today.

Any Future plans?

1. Regular provision of food to the hungry, baggers and street kids.

2. Provision of medical assistance to patients on the streets.

3. Creation of educational opportunities and conducive learning environment.
Creation of shelter through building of permanent old peoples home/healthcare
buildings of rehabilitation centre for youths who are mentally deranged by hard drugs.
Building of workshop where people who cannot afford to pay to learn a skill will come and learn any skill for Free.

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