Things ladies must avoid doing in a relationship



Most times ladies find it difficult to keep up with their relationship and be more respected by there spouse, they always end up losing their respect in the relationship, messing up the whole thing with their attitude playing to be perfect, like they say too much perfection leads to imperfection. You might know what you are doing but not know what is wrong with you.



How to get respect from a beloved man? People can meet, spend time together, have sex or even live under the same roof. However, in such pairs the woman is a kind of complement to her companion, his shadow, a comfortable toy, however sadly this did not sound, but she is not an individuality – worthy of attention and respect.




The fact is women who do these 7 things don’t get respect from a man



1. Do not lie. Honesty is the guarantee of any healthy relationship.



2. Be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else – men respect those women who know how to be honest with themselves.




3. Be a lady. Tenderness, femininity, purity are those qualities that never stop being in the price of men, even if they never admit it.




4. Do not be a lady “Yes”. A woman who agrees with everything that a man proposes or does not say will hardly make him have deep feelings.




5. Do not get drunk. If one of his friends gets drunk, he will later just say – he had a good time, but a drunk woman, and even in a public place, – is a shame for him.




6. Have your own life. Most men want to be a part of a woman’s life, but not all of her life.




7. Do not jump into bed with the first person on the line. Sex on the first date is the surest way to start a relationship with disrespect.