Three things to learn from the Elections.


The Elections might have being completed but let’s look at the few things to learn as we move forward as a nation.

(1) Unpredictable results and shock waves have
become the norm of any election and this wasn’t an exception.

Some would have expected a straight down-the- line vote but the reverse was the case cause everyone concentrated on the two Giants.

Despite the two main opposition parties snubbing the debate twice, they still had more votes than the remaining.

(2) The Overwhelming Influence of Social media.

These days it is hard to overlook the influence of social which should not be underestimated as it was used by political parties to drive out their points and also gain support.

This may be the election when the impact of profound social changes on our political choices is finally understood.

3. Anger, apathy, disillusionment, all are established and growing features of our politics that needs to be curbed in the coming elections.

There were signs of violence during the elections and we weren’t disappointed.

But in the end, turnout was massive, while in some areas of the country, young people turned out in droves, clearly energised by other parties targeting of the youth vote.