Top Ten Imo: Here’s the biggest music countdown in Imo (Week 49)

MetroLife’s Top Ten Imo comes every Tuesday with surprises sometimes and expectations at other times. This week is filled with both- surprises and expectations.

Every week we bring you the most talked about, most downloaded and most played songs from the city of Imo.

Check below to get updated:

No. 10 DJ Cthru ft Vigo, Keony, F.U.M – Baski Baski






No. 9 MoonBoy – Kobo






No. 8 YUNGROC – Hoha







No. 7 Blazer Q ft Funky DJ Pop – Local Boys






No. 6 Patwando – 16+16






No. 5 Janex Mara – Omoge





No. 4 Uc Flamez – Akachukwu

DOWNLOAD MP3 Uc flamez – Akachukwu





No. 3 Cajeto ft Blu – Dey 4 u

Download mp3





No. 2 Trillz ft Blazer Q and Ugee – Jonze

Download mp3

No. 1 DJ Faraday ft Obeena, Blazer Q, Keony & Patwando – Holam Stand