#TopTenImo: Here’s the biggest music chart in Imo (Week 39)


MetroLife’s Top Ten Imo comes every Tuesday with surprises sometimes and expectations at other times.

This week is filled with both- surprises and expectations. Every week we bring you the most talked about, most downloaded and most played songs from the city of Imo.

Check below to get updated:

No. 10 Kristal – Sanko Tested

No. 9 Leo Saint – Alright


No. 8 JayPhil ft Reeky Willz – Can’t Let Go

No. 7 Blazer Q ft Jessy Sings – I Gat You









No. 5 Cozzicole – Yeah And Nay
No. 4 Sean Rainfall ft Manuel King and Luke Nathans – Bueno

No. 3 Dera Allison – Ponmile






No. 2 F2 – Jungle








No. 1 Victony – Jo Riddim