Tottenham Fans don’t love me – Jose Mourinho


Jose Mourinho says he is aware of the love the fans of Tottenham Hotspur have for the club, and he hopes to keep them happy in his duration at the Club.

Tottenham was victorious against stubborn Bournemouth yesterday, as the North London side almost surrendered all three points despite scoring three goals.

“The fans love the club, I’m not saying they love me but they accept me as a top professional who wants to give everything for the club” Mourinho said.


“People have more reasons to love me if they like my work, but the fans are behind the team and the see us working hard to get to a position in the table that is more suitable to the talent of this squad”.

“I think it was in our best period when we scored the third goal, we were close to score the fourth and then when they scored the first one it was a different game”.

“I felt the boys felt a bit tired after playing a high intensity game, but we had the chance to score the fourth goals, but then in the Premier League the game is always alive”.

“We played well for long period of the games, we had a few scary moments but I think the fans enjoyed. We scored seven goals in four days”.