We Played Like Champions – Pep


Guardiola was sad about the outcome of yesterday’s game against bitter rivals, Liverpool, but was happy about the performance of his team.

The City Coach also had few reservations about the performance of the referees on the night, but refused to speak extensively on the supposed penalty snub by Oliver.

The City boss was seen firmly shaking Michael Oliver’s hand and twice saying “Thank you so much” to the match referee after the game, though he wasn’t drawn in by questions on his sarcastic exchange.

“Ask the referees,” Ask Mike Riley and the guys with the VAR, don’t ask me. We tried to do our job I would like to talk about our performance. It was so good. The way we played was awesome”.

“What happened today is we showed that we are the champions”.

“At this stadium, the way we played was incredible. I’m so proud of my team more than ever. We played against the strongest team in Europe, I’m so proud. We played so good”.

“It’s one of the best performances we have played”.

“We played in a way that showed why we are back-to-back champions. After seven months, if Liverpool win, I will be the first to congratulate them because we cannot deny how good they are.”