We won’t mind winning even a Spoon this Season – Rashford


Manchester United Striker, Marcus Rashford says the team wants to urgently win something this season, and no trophy would be underrated, even if it’s the Carabao Cup.

In his words: “To be honest, right now, we’d have any trophy. If we keep our mind on the fact that winning the league has obviously gone but we’re still heavily involved in every other competition, so we can potentially have three trophies come the end of the season”.

“I just keep that at the forefront of my mind as the main aim and main objective of this season”.


“That’s the objective for us. It’s an opportunity to win a trophy and we know what that means for the club, and for the players and staff as well”.

“Hopefully we can perform well and get results in these two games against them and progress on to win the tournament”.

“It [the away win in December] gives us confidence but, to be honest, I don’t expect the game to be the same type of game as it was there”.

“We could have been three or four goals up, so I expect them to change something. Maybe not personnel but formation. So we’ll see what they put in front of us and we have to find a way to beat them”.

“I think all the players are ready for these types of games. You prepare for them mentally and, sometimes, you just drag yourself through it physically”.

“But, as long as we’re mentally ready for the game and approach it in the right manner, with the right mindset, we know we can do it”.