Weekend Tip : Say No To People who can’t build with You


There comes a time in a person’s life, where pest-like individuals should be very far away from us.

And when choosing a partner, go for the ones who are ready to make you better, as a person, financially and in all perspective.

These are the kind of people to avoid from an early stage of dating:

1. On a lighter note, a person who doesn’t have transport fare to see someone who they claim they love every damn time. If you truly love someone, you should be able to make some sacrifices and that involves being willing to spend your own money for such things as visiting. However, in the case where you are totally broke, then your partner should be able to make some sacrifices too, by either being the one to visit or sending money over.

2. What is good is worth doing well. If you expect something from me, you should also be able to provide such things when I need them.

A person who can’t get you gifts, but expects you to bring down the world for them isn’t a very good partner.

3. Someone who can’t comfortably call you on the phone or return your calls. Always flashing and complaining they don’t have airtime even when you know you they do.

4. Date someone who adds something beneficial to your life. Things like emotional intelligence; financial intelligence; spiritual
intelligence and other intelligence.

5. Date someone who’s capable of calming the storm within your soul ( an average person has enough storms ); and not someone who addsĀ stress to your life.