Weekend Vibe : 8 Types Of People You Are Likely To Meet In A Public Transport


In our everyday hustle and bustle, we tend meet lot of people, especially when we use the public transport. some trips can be fun, while some can be frustrating.

Below are some type of people you meet on a bus:

1) Phone addicts


These people will help you with the information you do not need. You will learn how “Iya Monsurat took Iya Bisola’s husband”, “how Chinedu sold fake wristwatch to Usman”, they will shout in such a manner that your earplugs will be unable to block out the noise.

These ones call through the ride. You cannot tell them to keep quiet, so you listen to their family and business history.

2) The preachers

All the things you never knew were sins will be revealed to you by the almighty bus preachers.

From how you are not supposed to have a relationship, to how your trousers will send you to hell, that attachment on your head will probably lead you to hell too.

You are stuck there arguing with the preacher in your mind, wondering why the message is being twisted and why you really need to listen. You just want to ride peacefully to your destination.

3) The storytellers

These ones will tell you all the stories you are not interested in all in the name of getting to know you better.

They will ask for your house address, your office address, your family house, and if you are not careful, your genotype. When you decide to plug your earpiece, they will tap you and continue with their stories.

4) The fighters

For these set of people, the only thing left is to match them with Anthony Joshua.

They fight with the conductors, then they switch to the passenger trying to settle their tongue fight with the driver. If you cough too much, you might get some scolding.

While at it, they will mention all of their achievements that are not really an achievement.

5) The musicians

We all are not interested in listening to your music, please do not force us.
They are either blasting music from their phones with poor speakers or they use earplugs and sing with some horrible voice.

You can then plead with them to stop singing out or you enjoy the music you are not interested in, your choice.

6) The Sleepers

If they sleep without disturbing you, that will be cool, however, these ones are more interested in using your shoulder as a pillow.

They keep dosing and landing on your shoulder and there is really little you can do. Don’t you want to help the helpless? Just enjoy the ride, you are changing the world, one step at a time.

7) The seat owners

This is a life-saving secret, “there are times you ought to pay for two seats to allow conveniency.” It is unfair to sit like you own the bus while other people are struggling to sit comfortably.

If you want to sit like a king or queen, please, just buy your car or pay for two or more seats.

8) The Beggars

If you take the same transport another time, you should not be surprised to see them begging for the same thing.

For some, that is the way they survive, be ready to hear sad stories that will drain your pocket.

It is either they have no money to pay for transport or one of their siblings is on the way to fight the World WarIII and will need your financial support, either way, they ensure they get something from you.