Werner makes confession about Lampard sack


Frank Lampard was sacked last month following a run of poor results that left them in ninth position and Timo Werner has opened up on the reason behind the sack.

Prior to Lampard sack, Timo Werner struggled in front of goal with playing 12 games without a single goal and the German striker says his poor form could have made the difference if he didn’t lose so many chances at the time.

“When you come here to play as a striker and be the man to score the goals, of course I felt a little bit guilty that I missed so many chances, For the club, for the old manager but also for me because I want to score all the time and as much as I possibly can. Of course, if I’d scored four or five more goals maybe the old manager would still be here because we’d maybe have won two or three games more but you can’t look too much into the past because there are too many games ahead”,Werner said.