What have you done for your country? – 4 ways to make Nigeria a better place


There have been public outcry recently on the state of the situation, the insecurities, hunger etc. complaining will solve nothing, do something to salvage the situation or else, things might get worse by the day.

The First step to salvaging the situation is:

1) Talk

Don’t just do lazy talking, which is the kind of talks that focus on what the problems are, the latest politician, who EFCC is investigating again.

Talk about the solutions to these problems too.

2) Write

It’s a fact that not every young person can write, but the illiterate beside reads newspapers.

The pamphlet method has gone into extinction, but trust me, facebook pages can do a good job.

I can still find what i wrote in 2017 and of course, just don’t write about the problems, write about the solutions too.

3. Volunteer

This is like the highest form of service you can give to your country.

Volunteer! There is a cause around you, there is a movement around you that is trying to make things better, there is a political party in your area that needs one thing or the other, there is a coperative society that can make lives better for the people in that community, volunteer your time and your efforts and your skills.

4. Join a political party

You might not have what it takes to start a movement or a cause or a political party, we all have different temperaments and enthusiasm required to put people together but join a movement.

Join people trying to make things better. Stop Speculating about how better they could have done.

When you are part of a cause, you have the opportunity to make lives better for us all!