12 Things Men Can Do To Get The Women Of Their Dreams


Though, men are egoistic in nature. there are times these men should sit, and have a sober reflection on why things don’t go as planned when it comes to relationship.

These are few ways to get a woman’s heart for life:

1) Always give her these gifts


Communication, Care and Attention.these are main ingredients needed for a relationship to stay strong.

2) Be a gentle man

Most ladies don’t like lousy men. they want their man to be reserved and to draw respect from people around them.

3) Dress very neat

Nothing can be compared to neatness with some ladies. Odour from the mouth or body is a total turnoff from them.

4) Call her sweet names

5) Don’t show yourself, Allow her to discover for herself

6) Let your words be your bound

7) Don’t shout on her

8) Avoid double dating

9) Avoid Comparison

10) Never you ask her friend out

11) Be a solution giver

12) You may not be a prayer warrior, but be a God fearing man