What Nigerians call biscuits bone(brisket)



Brisket bone also known as biscuit bone has been in Nigeria for a very long time now. The reason most people call it biscuit bone is because it is easy to crack on unlike other bones in the body.


The brisket bone is mostly consumed because of it’s nutritional values. The brisket bone has a high amount of calcium. Calcium helps in building strong and healthy bones.


Apart from Calcium, Brisket bones also contain some amount of fat that is useful to the body.


Most Nigerian families believe that eating brisket bone after boiling makes the bone stronger than before, that is why they always buy and prepare it for there children.


The brisket bone can be used to prepare some delicacies like: Moi-Moi, Ekpang Nkukwo or even pepper soup.
Whether ‘biscuit bone’ or ‘brisket bone’, it is certain Nigerians will continue enjoying their ‘special bone’ for many generations to come!.