Why do we always Thank God is Friday?


Majority of people have been living with this fallacy about Fridays for their whole life and will probably continue to live with it forever.

The question is, why do everyone want to go out on a Friday night?

On Thursday nights, there’s always a change of attitude after knowing the next day is weekend.

Research has shown that people close early in work and head straight to the club more than those that go back home to relax.

Interestingly this people observed that particpants showed a peak in these hormones even after they had stopped working, suggesting that there’s something internal being entrenched.

People crave for fun on Friday night is phycologically and if the thought can be tamed from within, there would be more things to be done than just going to the club to have fun.

Having fun on Friday is nice but being addicted is wrong cause we all need to save for the rainy day ahead.