Why Honey Is Worth The Hype


Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees using the nectar from flowers. The flavour of the honey varies according to the flower the nectar was harvested from.

Honey is not only a sweetener to be consumed but it is also serves other parts of the human body which include;

The Hair
Honey promotes cell growth due to its ability to treat wounds. It serves as an agent for hair growth as it contains necessary minerals. Honey serves as a conditioning treatment and leaves the hair moisturized. It locks shine to the hair as well as leaving the hair smooth and glowing. Honey mixed with lemon and left for a specific period of time helps remove unwanted hair in areas like the armpit.

The Skin
Honey is naturally antibacterial and antiseptic which makes it suitable for acne treatment and prevention as well as other skin diseases. Honey can also slow down aging due to its antioxidant content. When it involves skin or face moisturizing, honey plays a vital role. It promotes glowing and brightening without bleaching the skin.

Honey can be mixed with other natural produce like coconut milk, egg, tumeric, all to perform functions that benefits the skin and hair growth.