Will Smith & Halle Berry trade Banter over Birthday Message as Halle turns 52 😍


Award winning Hollywood star Halle Berry just turned 52 and to celebrate, close friend Will Smith gave her an unusual birthday shout out.

Will who turns 50 in September took to his Instagram page to share a morphed image of Halle Berry and himself and in his defense, he had this to say:


“I was googling for pictures of us together and this is all I could come up with🤷🏾‍♂️”

In response, Halle shared another funny morphed image with caption:

“My darling @willsmith – I cannot thank you enough for your lovely birthday wish – may our features forever be this compatible – and may we ONLY use these photos instead of any actual photos together from now on.Xx 👏🏾♥️ #WilleSmerry