“Why are Yoruba Men demons?” – Watch Episode 2 of Funmi Iyanda’s New Vlog


Veteran media star Funmi Iyanda has officially launched her “Ask Funmi” vlog series on her YouTube channel and we can’t wait to keep up with the several tips and videos she’ll be sharing as the vlogs will be focusing on everything from relationships to politics and more.

In this 3 part episode, Funmi answers the following questions:

1. The question has always been why do men cheat? Why do men cheat?

2. Why are Yoruba men demons?

3. Hello, Ms Funmi, I am 19 and I came to the U.S. at 13. As you may know, kids are horrible and being different, I was a target of their bullying. It left me with low self-esteem and anxiety that I still suffer from today. I returned to Nigeria about a year ago and stayed for five months. I noticed my self-esteem increased and my anxiety calmed, maybe it has to do with the Nigerian spirit and just being around my people. I didn’t feel the need to question myself.
I’ve since returned and noticed my self-esteem issues and anxiety are back.
I’m not sure what to do Ms Funmi. I’ve tried therapy by the way if that was your recommendation.

Are there things that you’ve practised that I can implement in my life? Thank you!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3