Young Jeff’s song with Zoro proves Imo artistes are rising to the challenge becoming nationally recognised musicians


Ever heard of Phyno, Flavour, Runtown, Illbliss, Nigga Raw, Zoro and more?  These are musicians from the eastern part of Nigeria. They all started their struggles in the city of Enugu at different times of their lives and grew to become celebrated musicians in Nigeria.

These guys run the eastern part of Nigeria as long as music is concerned. They dictate how its done and literally what’s hot. They’ve created a certain sound known to be an eastern sound, drawing influences from Igbo highlife music and turning it into urban highlife sounds and Igbo rap. They groom new and upcoming artistes who eventually follow their pattern of music, making the Igbo sound ever increasingly popular and sought after.

Recently there’s been an influx of mixed sounds emanating from Owerri. Influences from Bongo music, a popular Igbo highlife sound known to be from Imo State has been modified to an urban sound and it’s been trending in the city ever since. That train of most sought after eastern sound has just landed in Owerri.

Musicians like F2, Reflex Soundz, Xbusta are championing this course. Recently Young Jeff joined the club. He dropped a new single, “Tem Tem” and featured Zoro in it.

“Tem Tem” is just another Igbo rap music with influences from Ogene music, another type of Igbo highlife, which happens to be Zoro’s signature sound. And the song has been trending in the East ever since and about to blow up nationwide.

The fact that Young Jeff is taking his music seriously, working on his sounds and featuring recognised Nigerian musicians shows that Imo artistes are ready for the challenge of becoming recognised Nigerian musicians. They are ready to compete with the folks at Enugu and like every other business, healthy competition is going to drive them to success.

Young Jeff, Xbusta, F2, Reflex Soundz and more, all from Imo, have shown signs that they are no longer comfortable being regarded as upcoming artistes and they have taken practical steps to prove this point- F2 got signed to 7th Republic and has a new single “Shima” which is currently disturbing the air waves in the East. . Xbusta is signed to Five Star Music. Reflex Soundz has an album under 2K Entertainment and the trending “Amaka can dance” is off from that body of work. Now Young Jeff is out with “Tem Tem” featuring Zoro in it.

The stage is now set. What you used to know about the “Eastern Sound” is about to change so sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.